About us

Peace, love, romance, railways, international socialism, and sleeping on strangers’ floors in beautiful new cities after the best night of pop thrills ever…

Hello you! The Sweet Nothings are an indiepop band from Sheffield, UK. We like pretty, sparkly tunes and we like big loud noise as well, so we thought we’d try and do both at the same time. Have a listen and see what you reckon.

There now. Nice cup of tea?

Who are we? We are: Pete Green (singing and guitar), Danielle Cope (keyboards and singing), Dan Hartley (bass) and Tim Boyd (drums). Also, we might have been called The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut in a past life, but don’t tell anyone.

Want to know more? Hit the blog to read about our latest pop adventures and the gigs page to see, er, when our gigs are.

Ta – see you soon!

2 Responses to About us

  1. Mark Rolfe says:

    I feel a Lorna/Sweet Nothings love in coming on? Really sorry we couldn’t see your set as I had been listening to your stuff online all week. We had a bus back to Nottingham at 8pm.., Perhaps we can do a gig swap in Nottingham/Sheffield?

    • Pete Green says:

      That’d be brilliant! You were so good – it’d be great to see you again. And thanks for the shout-out during your set Mark, much appreciated. Hope we can sort something out…

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