Nothings on film

Has anyone videoed us on stage? There are some older bits and bobs of live footage online from before we changed our name. But we were just wondering if any of you have pointed a shaky cameraphone at us during the Sweet Nothings era. Do shout up if you have. Pete’s two-year-old son keeps saying: “Want to watch The Sweet Nothings on the computer!” It’s ruthless brainwashing at its very cutest.

In the meantime, here’s Pete with Emma Hall from Pocketbooks and A Little Orchestra, covering ‘Young Adult Friction’ by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, at the recent Read And Shout! all-dayer in London.

Published by Pete Green

Poet and musician. Sheffield. Maps, coastlines, walking, whisky, and potentially dangerous levels of wist. Grimbarian. Pedestrian. King of the impossible. Big girl's blouse.

One thought on “Nothings on film

  1. Epilogue! Not long after I posted this, um, post, we played the Oddbox Records weekender, and ended up with this nice bit of live filmage:

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