Our first single is here!

Yeah, we know. We’ve been banging on about it for most of the year. So here it is at last: our first single!

It’s a jumble of contradictions. It’s strident, fierce and full of tenderness. It’s in love with an accountant and it wants to hang the bankers. It’s 90 seconds and it’s four and a half minutes. But it’s heartfelt, real and kind. It’s got some smashing catchy tunes. And it’s got some beautiful artwork. It’s She’s an Accountant and Subterranean Moseley Blues!

artwork for Accountant/Moseley

Well now, isn’t that a thing.

It’s a compact disc released on Precordial Catch Records. It’s gonna be available to buy on our Indietracks Tour of Awesomeness. And it’ll be in online stores after that, so if you want a copy but you won’t see us live this month, keep listening and we’ll let you know how later.

Oh, and if you’re into that iTunes thing, we’ll probably do that later on at some point, when we’ve got our breath back.

Is that everything? Good. What are you waiting for? Tell your friends, hang bunting from lampposts, have a sip of something nice, and name your children after us. The future of pop music is here. And once it’s been and gone we might even think about making an album.

Published by Pete Green

Poet and musician. Sheffield. Maps, coastlines, walking, whisky, and potentially dangerous levels of wist. Grimbarian. Pedestrian. King of the impossible. Big girl's blouse.

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