Speaking too soon

Yeah, we should have known better. Roughly four minutes and 43 seconds after announcing our first two popshows with new keyboard player Danielle, the curse of The Sweet Nothings struck again.

If we were a team playing a weird hybrid sport combining football and rugby union, our line-up would include both Darren Anderton and Jonny Wilkinson. As it stands, this time Dan has knackered his collarbone and you can’t really play bass with your arm in a sling.

So we’ve had to pull out of both this week’s gig at the Hop here in Sheffield and the fantastic Going up the Country all-dayer over in Cheshire on 1 June.

The good news is that our good mates The Mini Skips have stepped in to replace us at the latter. And the whole line-up is a thing of wonder. So you absolutely should go, regardless. We probably will, even though we’ll spend the whole day saying: “Gah! Wish we were playing!”

In the meantime, please join us in wishing Dan a quick recovery. Get well soon Dan!

Published by Pete Green

Poet and musician. Sheffield. Maps, coastlines, walking, whisky, and potentially dangerous levels of wist. Grimbarian. Pedestrian. King of the impossible. Big girl's blouse.

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