Hobbes Fanclub, Withered Hand, and us

Now then! We’ve been working on a few things lately, in between some of us taking off on holidays and what have you. And we’ve got a couple of popshows lined up in the next few weeks. Shall we tell you about them?

We’ll take the silence that inevitably follows from the ongoing incapacity of most websites, including this one, to facilitate voice-activated, real-time user interactivity as a yes.

Our friends The Hobbes Fanclub have released their first album Up at Lagrange today. It is a thing of radiant wonder. They asked us to host a launch gig for it. So we are. It’s at the Red House here in Sheffield on Friday 19 September. We’re playing at it too. That’s because we couldn’t ask any other bands in Sheffield, which in turn is because we don’t know any.

Then on Wednesday 15 October we’re playing with the mighty Withered Hand at the Maze over in Nottingham. It’s a good thing we’re on before them, because when they played at Indietracks this year it took eight weeks to recover from the emotional impact. And it’s only been three and a bit weeks since Indietracks actually happened.

So, hope you can make it along to one or even both of those! In the meantime, speaking of Indietracks 2014, the very lovely Mr Robin Byles out of Robberie filmed some of the set we played in the merch tent. We’ll play out this post with it. Bye for now!

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Video: our Oddbox weekender set

Hallooo. When we played the Oddbox Records weekender a few days ago we were awfully excited to be debuting two new songs! One is called ‘Say There’s a Place’. This song makes Pete happy because the chorus sounds a bit shoegazey. The other is so new that it doesn’t even have a proper name yet (working title: ‘Slow 45’). This song makes Pete happy because it rhymes ‘deadbeat’ with ‘spreadsheet’.

We thought the gig went quite well so we were chuffed to find the whole thing on Youtube a few days later. Do you want a look? Go on then.


1. If You Ever Need a Shoulder
2. Peace, Love and International Socialism


3. Right as Rain


4. Slow 45


5. I’m Not Like Everybody Else


6. She’s an Accountant


7. Say There’s a Place


Hope you like. See you at Going Up The Country!

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Speaking too soon

Yeah, we should have known better. Roughly four minutes and 43 seconds after announcing our first two popshows with new keyboard player Danielle, the curse of The Sweet Nothings struck again.

If we were a team playing a weird hybrid sport combining football and rugby union, our line-up would include both Darren Anderton and Jonny Wilkinson. As it stands, this time Dan has knackered his collarbone and you can’t really play bass with your arm in a sling.

So we’ve had to pull out of both this week’s gig at the Hop here in Sheffield and the fantastic Going up the Country all-dayer over in Cheshire on 1 June.

The good news is that our good mates The Mini Skips have stepped in to replace us at the latter. And the whole line-up is a thing of wonder. So you absolutely should go, regardless. We probably will, even though we’ll spend the whole day saying: “Gah! Wish we were playing!”

In the meantime, please join us in wishing Dan a quick recovery. Get well soon Dan!

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Popshows, popshows

Hello! Just a quick one to let you know about the popshows we’ve got coming up soon and soon-ish.

Your first chance to see the Nothings with our new keyboard player Danielle will be at the Hop here in Sheffield on Wednesday 15 May. A couple of weeks later we’re playing the Going up the Country all-dayer over in Congleton, and the line-up is looking sweeter than honey pie and custard. Then in early July we’re returning to the brilliant Don’t Falter clubnight in Leeds, in a Sheffo double-header with the lovely Mini Skips (fronted, of course, by our ex-keyboardist Vinnie).

Interested? Dates and details are on the gigs page. I nearly wrote “dates and deets” for a minute and then pulled back from the brink. Scary. Next thing, I’ll nearly start writing “tax” for how much it costs to get in.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a rough mix back for our new single and it sounds bloody lush. More on that story later. In the meantime we’ll hopefully see you at the Hop. T’ra for now! x

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New keyboard player klaxon

Danielle CopeAwooga awooga! Attention, pop fans! Attention! The Sweet Nothings have a new keyboard player! It’s probably safe to tell you this now, as we have had our first practice with her and she hasn’t changed her mind about joining or anything!

Who is the synth-striking and secondary singing saviour of sparkly Sheffield socialist pop? She is the supremely talented Danielle Cope, who has an ace voice as well as a way with the keys. You might have seen Danielle fronting her other band, a very wonderful two-piece outfit called The 10p Mixes. Look, there she is singing with them, in that photo on the right! Happily for all concerned, she is confident about managing the gruelling demands of Nothinghood on top of her existing commitments.

We asked Danielle for a few words on the auspicious occasion of her joining the band. She said: “I’m dead excited about joining The Sweet Nothings. Not only do I get to be part of a band that I’ve been a fan of for ages, but I get to do it with a couple of my favourite people. It’s ace! I can’t wait to get playing some gigs. To sum up: eeeeeee!”

That all sounds good then, right? So all we need now are some gigs for our fully Coped-up indiepop juggernaut to perform at. Our next confirmed popshow will be the Going Up The Country all-dayer in Congleton on Saturday 1 June (indeed, Danielle has her work cut out that day cos The 10p Mixes are playing as well!). But do give us a shout if you’d like to come and play for you anywhere. T’ra for now!

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A sequence of excellent reviews

Hello! We’re The Sweet Nothings. You may remember us from such radio shows as Steve Lamacq last Tuesday! At the time of writing there are 23 hours left to listen, if you haven’t heard it. It’s from about 2:51:40. Cheers.

This post, as you may already have gleaned, is basically going to be saying “wahey, look at us!” half a dozen times. Well, it’s not often that our own trumpet sounds quite as good as it does just at the moment. So we’re going to blow it while we can.

The BBC Radio 6Music-based wahey of the Lammo thing, in fact, was the icing on a cake comprising several review-based waheys over the past few weeks. The first came after we supported Allo Darlin’ with This Many Boyfriends at Sheffield’s Queens Social Club back at the start of September.

Reviewing the popshow for Forge Media, Lianne Williams reckoned “the Sweet Nothings kicked off the evening in the best way possible”, playing “sweet and fun tunes that made you want to tap your feet” but with “a fierce, folky edge”.

The same set impressed Coral Williamson, writing for Counterfeit Magazine, who declared: “The lovely boy/girl vocals of opening band the Sweet Nothings are a great way to kick-start tonight’s proceedings.” As it turned out, this gig would be the Nothings swansong of our former keyboard player/singist Vinnie Ransome. So to see her contribution recognised publicly in this way is kind of a sweet thing.

A few weeks later we were back on stage as a three-piece, alongside Hey Sholay and Best Friends – here in Sheffield again but this time at the Harley. The same two publications ran two more fine write-ups. For Forge, George Francis wrote: “Perhaps a little too much of a Billy Bragg tribute act at times, but nevertheless, an enjoyable band with some genuinely unique songs, which caught the attention of many slowly entering the Harley.”

Probably our favourite of all four reviews, though, came from Jonathan Scott at Counterfeit, who insists that our socialist subject-matter “brilliantly… owes more to Bill Bailey than Billy Bragg”. He continued:

Songs include ‘She’s An Accountant’, ‘Subterranean Mosley Blues’ and ‘Love, Peace and International Socialism’, a real clusterfuck of comedy and resentment. Has there been a greater love lyric than ‘Tear down the Daily Mail’? You know when a band ties your tubes and castrates your logic? Well done Sweet Nothings, you’ve pulled.

In any future moments of stress and difficulty, we feel, all that’s needed will be to recall the phrase “a real clusterfuck of comedy and resentment”, and everything will seem right with the world.

Right, that’s enough for now. We’re playing London tomorrow. Time for some last-minute revision on the new song!

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Good news, bad news

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?

Oh, alright then – the bad it is. Our keyboard player Vinnie Ransome has decided to leave the band. We’re enormously grateful for the fantastic contribution she made to The Sweet Nothings – with her synth, with her voice and with her wonderful personality. We’d like to wish Vinnie the very best with everything she does in future, musically and otherwise, and we’d urge you to follow her band The Mini Skips. We’re sad to lose her from the band but we’re very happy still to count her as a friend.

We will be looking for a new keyboard player/second singer right away. Give us a shout if you’re interested, or if you know someone who might be. The Sweet Nothings are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applications from all sections of the community except Kasabian fans.

Good news? Two ace popshows, people! Until we get a new keyboardist we’re playing on in  Awesome Power Trio format. And we’re starting next Thursday. It’s part of BBC Radio 6Music’s imminent takeover of Sheffield (or Sheffield’s imminent takeover of BBC Radio 6Music; we’re not quite sure which). In short, the estimable Mr Steve Lamacq is doing his Roundtable show at the Crucible theatre and we’re playing the aftershow party at the Harley with Hey Sholay and Best Friends. Cor!

Then at the end of the month we’re in That London! It’s a Spiral Scratch popshow in That London’s Trendy Hoxton, with The Hobbes Fanclub and The Tuts. Cor again!

Discover more about these forthcoming attractions by hitting up the gigs page. Hope you can make it along! See you soon!

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