London, can you wait?

Last time we said we’d let you know more details about the forthcoming Read And Shout! all-dayer in London. So here goes. The tickets went on sale last week and all 200 sold out in 40 seconds. Well, that’s the sort of crazy thing that happens when you book The Sweet Nothings for a gi… eh? What’s that? Jens who? Oh.

If you missed out and you still fancy a bit of marathon popshow action in the capital city, don’t be downhearted. Why? We’ll tell you for why. Our friends at Oddbox Records are putting on a weekender in May to celebrate their second birthday! OK, it’s our friend Trev, singular, and he’s not two years old, but his label is. Or will be shortly.

As with the Read And Shout! event, we’ll be playing probably quite early on the Saturday afternoon. And as with the Read And Shout! event, there’s a multitude of other tremendous bands lined up for it.

The Saturday bit on 7 May is at the lovely Windmill in Brixton. Besides us, it features The Lovely Eggs, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Blood Oranges, The Wendy Darlings, Bastard Sword and four more to be confirmed. The Sunday is at the Victoria in Dalston (which might be lovely but we don’t know; we’ve never heard of it before) and the line-up is Help Stamp Out Lonlieness, One Fathom Down, the mighty Horowitz, The Understudies, Haiku Salut and three more to be confirmed!

Tickets are a remarkably cheap eight quid for the Saturday and six quid for the Sunday, with a limited number of 12 quid weekend passes available. They’ve been on sale for more than 40 seconds and there are still some left. But for how much longer is anyone’s guess. Here’s a link to buy some if you want to make sure.

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