Leicester, much later

A Leicester cityscape

We didn’t get round to a blog post after playing at last month’s fantastic Leicester Indiepop All-Dayer. Or is it Alldayer? I’m never quite sure whether to hyphenate that or not any more. Anyway.

In short, we loved everything about it. OK, we loved everything about it except the beer at Firebug. But the beer at the Criterion and the Ale Wagon kind of made up for that. We loved the other bands (it’s kind of harsh to single anyone out but Anguish Sandwich were sensational). We loved the room: Firebug is definitely better with the stage at that end. We loved the organisation: Simon Sweeping The Nation was on top of everything and a delight to play for. We loved the crowd, because at a lot of all-dayers a lot of the punters only turn up towards the end, but in Leicester maybe three quarters of all the folk who came were there by mid-afternoon.

And we were pretty chuffed with how we played in our last gig before returning to full-on four-piece pop proportions.

A Leicester cityscape
Leicester, city of pop. Photo: kev747 (cc by-nc-sa 2.0)

I’ve always been disproportionately fond of Leicester because of the fabulous gigs I saw at the Princess Charlotte in the 1990s and 2000s, from Boyracer to the Moldy Peaches to the Hidden Cameras. So I’ve always been disproportionately keen on the idea of playing popshows there myself. The other year I played solo for the lovely people of Twesta Promotions (when the stage at Firebug was at the other end). Now at last The Sweet Nothings have played, and it was great. It feels like a mini-ambition fulfilled, a bit like when I finally got to play Hull Adelphi, all that time after seeing 14 Iced Bears and the Field Mice there.

So if anyone’s reading this in Sweden, that’s the next ambition on the list…

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