Our summer of pop… at home in Sheffield

A view from Bole Hill across the Rivelin and Loxley valleys of north-west Sheffield

Not so long ago we went ages and ages without playing a gig in our home city. There were various reasons for this. We don’t know the right people; we don’t play horrible blokey rock or sing in an exaggerated Sheffield accent; we’re stark staring bone bloody idle… that sort of thing.

Going into this summer, by contrast, we’ve got three ace popshows coming up, and they’re all in Sheffield. Isn’t it funny how things turn out?

In June we’re supporting The School and Standard Fare for our first ever appearance at the Harley. In July we’re playing Tramlines for the first time. And in August we’ve made it on to the line-up for an excellent all-dayer. (See the gigs page for full details.)

Granted, our three Sheffield gigs have come about because of friends who we know originally from Nottingham and Manchester, and because one of them is being organised by our bass player. But if you forget about all that for a moment, and squint for a bit, it’s easy to imagine us playing a cool gig to a crowd of shrugging hipsters at the Plug a week after appearing on the front cover of Exposed while sipping cocktails made with Moonshine and Henderson’s Relish, isn’t it?

Oh, alright then. And sadly and frustratingly, we’ve had to say no to a couple of lovely gig offers elsewhere this summer too (one in London, one in Bradford).

Wherever you are, if you’re putting a gig on and you want us to play, please find our contact details and give us a shout. We might not have the right haircuts but we’ve got some pretty good songs.

Published by Pete Green

Poet and musician. Sheffield. Maps, coastlines, walking, whisky, and potentially dangerous levels of wist. Grimbarian. Pedestrian. King of the impossible. Big girl's blouse.

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